Frequently Asked Questions

Painting Service

Premier Painting and Coating only use high-quality paints and materials that we have tried and proven. Our default paint finishes are Sherwin Williams materials. Our default specialty coating materials are Nationwide Coatings. We will use other brands and materials as requested and as appropriate.

We offer a seven-year no chip, peel, or flake guarantee on most exterior paint projects. We will repair any areas that chip, peel, or flake within the specified time period that are covered under this warranty. We offer a one-year workmanship warranty on interiors and cabinet painting as well.

We're very fortunate in Florida that our climate allows for painting all year long. The most troublesome season can be our summer/rainy season. Some years we have to dodge the storms more than others. We will not paint wet surfaces, so jobs can take slightly longer to complete.

We are licensed and fully insured. Bonding can be done on an as-needed basis for specific projects.

Estimates are always free!

Yes, we are locally and family owned and operated.

We recommend doing some online research looking for color schemes that you're attracted to, then visiting your local Sherwin-Williams store to go through swatches to narrow it down. Once you have a couple of final colors narrowed down, we always recommend getting actual paint samples to try on the wall.

Before the painters arrive, we ask customers to clear their walls of all decorative/removable objects and to put away breakables. Painters can shift most furnishings as needed to get around them, but please communicate with the office if you have especially large or heavy items that could be a concern.

Studies have shown that exterior painting has a return on investment of 107% when selling a home and interior painting has a return of 51%.

Our painters always perform a "construction clean" when preparing to leave your property. Throughout the job, we ensure that we don't get paint on surfaces that are not supposed to be painted, and our painters clean up all trash from the job site and leave the site as they found it when they arrived.

Homeowners should remove decorative items hanging on any walls around the house and trim back any overgrown greenery where possible so that painters have clear access to the walls. Painters can shift patio furnishings away from the home and back as they're working.

This can vary widely depending on the paint or coating being used and where it's being applied. It's best to check with your painter or paint store based on the product being used and where it's being applied. In most cases, paint is dry enough to recoat within an hour or two and is dry enough to withstand light rain at about that same time.

We always recommend our customers get at least 2 if not 3 quotes for their project. We're absolutely confident that we provide the best materials, service, quality processes, and the most beautiful finished product for the money. When a customer gets several quotes, it allows them to truly compare what the painting companies bring to the table so they can make an educated decision.