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Trusted Exterior House Painting Specialists in Largo, FL

Here in the Largo, Florida area, our homes are constantly under attack from humidity, moisture, high winds, and intense UV radiation. A nice coat of exterior paint is one of the quickest and most inexpensive ways to protect your home from the elements. Whether your home's siding is brick, wood, vinyl, stucco, or masonry, we have professional craftsmen and quality products to get the job done right. Check below for a full list of the services our exterior house painting specialists in Largo, Fl, can complete.

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Our Exterior Painting Services

Exterior stucco repair.
Full painting for all types of surfaces including aluminum, brick, masonry, stucco, vinyl and wood.
Painting fascia and gutters, doors, windows, and trim.
Deck, stair, railing and fence staining or painting.
Pressure washing to clean the home of dirt, mildew, mold and other debris.
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A Team of Professionals You Can Trust Upon

Our family business has been around for over 25 years, and we love painting. From preparation to finishing touches, our team works quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

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Exterior House Painting - Guaranteed Results

We stand by the results that we deliver to you as our customers. By only using paints that we're confident will last, we can offer you a 7-year material warranty and workmanship guarantee on all exterior jobs against chipping, peeling, and flaking. We also back all of our interior work with our workmanship guarantee. If any repair or paint fails as a result of poor workmanship, it will be repaired with no questions asked for the first year. With both your interior and your exterior covered, we're sure you'll love our work.

Exterior Stucco Repair Services

In conjunction with our exterior painting services, we restore your home’s exterior beauty using our stucco repair contractors. Our restoration process begins with power washing the exterior walls, repairing the stucco, and repairing the exterior trim. Once the stucco is repaired, Premier Painting will paint the exterior surface.

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What Is Ceramic Coating and How Is It Different From Paint?

Ceramic coating differs from paint in that the content of a coating includes 70% more solid material than traditional paint. This means an increased level of protection and resistance to damage over typical finishes. A ceramic coating can be up to 10 times thicker than a regular paint finish.

Exterior Painting Specialists in Largo, FL

Does the outside of your house look a little worse for wear? If you're not sure when you last painted your home's exterior, turn to Premier Painting & Coating for quality exterior painting in Largo, FL.

What Can We Do for Your Home?

We provide a variety of services, including our exterior painting services, for all homes. For example, we can:

Prepare your home for painting: We use a pressure washer to get rid of contaminants like dirt, mold, and mildew to have a clean, fresh canvas to work on.
Paint various parts of your home: Do you want to stain or paint your deck? We can also do this with stairs, railings, and fences.
Repair stucco: If you have less-than-ideal stucco, we can power wash and repair everything from the walls to the trim.
Put on an epoxy coating: Epoxy coatings can offer better protection and damage resistance than many paint finishes. We can put this on after the initial painting.
Apply an epoxy coating: Epoxy coatings on high traffic floor surfaces offer better protection and damage resistance than many other paint finishes.

And whether you want us to paint your fascia, gutters, doors, windows, trim, or siding, we are skilled and experienced in whatever painting service you need.

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Why Choose Us?

Premier Painting & Coating is dedicated to providing a quality paint job to every building. Whether you have brick, wood, vinyl, aluminum, or masonry in your home, you can rely on us. We emphasize our quality service with a seven-year material and labor warranty against chipping, flaking, or peeling. We also use only the highest-quality materials that protect against fading and Florida weather.

If you want to ensure you work with the best exterior painting company, check out our A+ rating on the BBB, as well as our ratings on Facebook and Google. We also are licensed and insured for your protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend doing some online research looking for color schemes that you're attracted to, then visiting your local Sherwin-Williams store to go through swatches to narrow it down. Once you have a couple of final colors narrowed down, we always recommend getting actual paint samples to try on the wall.

Homeowners should remove decorative items hanging on any walls around the house and trim back any overgrown greenery where possible so that painters have clear access to the walls. Painters can shift patio furnishings away from the home and back as they're working.

This can vary widely depending on the paint or coating being used and where it's being applied. It's best to check with your painter or paint store based on the product being used and where it's being applied. In most cases, paint is dry enough to recoat within an hour or two and is dry enough to withstand light rain at about that same time.

We always recommend our customers get at least 2 if not 3 quotes for their project. We're absolutely confident that we provide the best materials, service, quality processes, and the most beautiful finished product for the money. When a customer gets several quotes, it allows them to truly compare what the painting companies bring to the table so they can make an educated decision.